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Music and singing is a powerful part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, and were often exchanged at large ceremonial gatherings. We will endeavor to teach traditional and contemporary music and songs to enable skills to be passed on to future generations.


Dance is a unique aspect of ceremonies, which is learnt and passed down from one generation to another. To dance is to be knowledgeable about the stories of the elders.
GAA has a qualified National Aboriginal and Islander Skills Association (NAISDA) Dance College Graduate, who will train and equip you with the understanding and skills to perform modern and traditional dance.


Drama is the specific mode of the enactment preformed by actors on a stage or before an audience; it uses different modes of collaborative performance and the storytelling of past battles and victories and of family heritage.
GAA has gifted and talented actors who will assist in the craft of storytelling in a performance mode, developing skills and techniques required to perform with confidence and ease.


The production and design of crafts will build respect for Aboriginal art and culture and cause aspirations and needs of artists and artworks to be available. It will also strengthen the role of Aboriginal Art in the community for cultural maintenance and development.
GAA will provide local recognised artists who will teach skills in traditional and contemporary craft works. We aim to skill people with the knowledge to be able to provide economic social and cultural benefits.

For more information email enquiries@ganggalah.com or Phone 07 5524 7856