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We are passionately living to honour and please our God, compelled by the love of Christ and led by the Spirit of God. The Word of God is the standard, benchmark and authority of our church.


We believe Ganggalah is called to make disciples and to see strong leader released to the body of Christ.


We believe the heart of God is for restoration. He lovingly accepts our brokenness and through His Church; brings healing, transformation and new life.
God is the restorer of individuals, families and communities. We are sent by God to reach our community for Christ.


We believe God has strategically positioned Ganggalah church so we will endeavour to outwork our purpose with due diligence, being intentional in all things, seeing our calling through to completion.


We are called to represent Christ in our daily living by striving to be a people of honesty and integrity, uncompromising in our faith and conviction. Through healthy, sincere, loving relationships with one another we will be fulfilling Jesus second command.


We believe God has called us to be a family of all cultures; a church that is a place of belonging; rest and home where families are strengthened.