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Ps Debbie Gadd.Rebes and Rohan Sharing Tumbarrumba.PS Debbie and Her husband and Ps will Tumbarrumba team. Tumbarrumba Church.Tumbarumba


The Tumbarrumba Community Church (TCC) has supported the Ganggalah Training Centre both financially and prayerfully for a number of years and hosting the team has been a much anticipated event.  The weekend kicked off with a visit to the mighty Murray River and lunch at the Jingelic Bridge Hotel on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon.  Next the Zion youth hosted a special Saturday evening event, where testimonies of young lives transformed where shared with the youth, and some pretty crazy games and loads of food followed.

Sunday morning was the highlight of the visit as local Indigenous elders and their families were welcomed to TCC.  Former Ganggalah student Rebes Reuben delighted all with creative Indigenous dance and the haunting sounds of the didgeridoo.  Some very entertaining dance moves followed firstly for the children and then for the men of the house.  Again powerful stories of lives transformed inspired and encouraged those gathered.  Finally Pastor Will took the time to pray over local Indigenous Elders and others before sharing a quick lunch and heading on to Canberra to minister Sunday evening.

There has been much positive feedback regarding the Ganggalah visit.  Many have been inspired and encouraged along the journey of life during this weekend.  TCC extend their thanks to Pastor Will and the Ganggalah team as well as local Indigenous Elders and their families, for making this a weekend to remember.  TCC look forward to hosting Ganggalah again in the not too distant future.