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Flourish Women


“Be glad people of Zion, rejoice with the Lord your God, for He has given you the autumn rains and spring as before”, Joel 2:23.

FLOURISH is committed to fulfil the prophetic name of the group, which is to THRIVE, to PROSPER and to live at PEAK SPIRIITUAL CONDITION. They prophetically declare God is about to pour out His abundant showers upon their hearts and  transform their wastelands into rivers of living waters.

FLOURISH aims to build relationships of Godly character, through friendships, prayer, encouragement and the equipping of the word.  This is creatively achieved around the table and shared over breakfast with a cup of coffee. Here they encourage the women to share their own revelation and to discuss the Sunday sermon.  The women can’t help coming away with a full heart and appreciation of each ladies wisdom and faith that has been cultivated.

FLOURISH believe women need other women.  God created them to be social.  Matthew 13:44 “Again the kingdom of heaven is like a hidden treasure, hidden in a field.  God’s kingdom is in all of us, the treasure is within our hearts and in some its hidden and needs to be revealed.

FLOURISH is for every girl regardless of age or season and meets every fortnight on a Saturday at 9:00 am at Ganggalah Church.