Staying Connected During COVID19 Pandemic

Clear new restrictions
If you aren’t up to date with the next phase of restrictions in our nation, it is very clear that churches cannot physically meet at all.  It is important that you understand that as a Church, we support the Government’s measures and are committed to being diligent to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. This is how we are showing the community that the Church cares for the vulnerable and those at risk.

Although our meetings are closed, This doesn’t mean we aren’t Preaching the gospel and the love of Christ. Nor does this mean we are now in isolation from one another. Ganggalah Church is now investing into more equipment to stream daily messages. Soon to be an  interactive streaming,  bringing a new way of  meeting and fellowship.  

If you want to be a sponsor to help with new equipment, please use the information in the donation tab below.  

Ganggalah Pastoral care team is being activated in a new way.. Should you require prayer or have a prayer request please use the form below to make these request known and we will be in contact.

Are you on our Data base? if not, why not? or if  you are new and want to part of what we are doing?  please sign up . This is part of being connected so please don’t be shy.  Our Pastoral care team uses this data base to ensure members are Ok if your not on the list we cant contact you. 

All information is keep private and confidential on a secure database. 

Use these links below  for Prayer requests and to be added to our church directory.

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