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LIVERMORE Chris and Melinda


Chris and I met when we were teenagers both of us were heavily into drugs and alcohol. After a while we decided to go to church and in a few months we moved to Tamworth and accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. We knew that living together without being married was a sin and we decided to get married. Unfortunately we had no support and didn’t know a thing about planning a wedding so the idea soon dropped.

After being together for 2 years I became pregnant and the guilt of betraying God and the shame of what the church would think, was too much and we left church and entered back into the world.We moved back to Inverell and over the next 6 years our whole lives were tipped upside down. It went from one bad decision to another. We went back to the alcohol, which lead to partying, cheating and domestic violence all this with our 3 children. In the process I become mentally unstable. Chris developed rage which led to domestic violence. It was like our lives were in a deep hole and the more we tried ourselves to get out of the deeper we went.

One day we got so tired of everything and went our separate ways and from there it was just me and the kids at home. Meanwhile Chris had an experience where he knew that he had lost everything so he set out to kill himself. He was just about to take his life when he felt the car keys in his pocket and went to my grandmother’s house and my aunty who is a Pastor was there at the time and asked what Chris was doing with his life. He knew then and there that if things were going to turn around he had to come back to God.

It wasn’t easy we were both broken people. We met Ps Will at a church conference in Inverell and learned about Ganggalah Training Centre. We knew then and there God was calling us to Tweed. Since being here we have been healed, set free and our family has been restored. We have now been married for 3 years, I have been able to get my nursing diploma and Chris has successfully completed and graduated in Certificate 3 and Certificate 4 at Ganggalah, and is now undertaking the diploma. Both of us are high school dropouts we never thought that we could do it but only through Jesus we can succeed at anything.

For the future, we believe that God as has called us to go plant and establish churches, being a bridge to God and the lost so that others can receive, and be healed and restored in Jesus. We are committed to church. Chris and I are now progressing towards out PMC’S.  We have also just opened our first church in Tamworth.  God is so good and so faithful.