Planning Centre Ganggalah

Ganggalah uses Planning Centre to help schedule and roster departments. Via the use of the free App’s you have control on when you are available and have the ability to see further information regarding your department.

If your a leader or a volunteer and have been asked to join a group or department. Please follow the steps on how to to be part of Planning Centre Ganggalah.

Fill out the contact information form and submit- all details are required

Go to Itunes or Google Apps- depending your phone brand and model and search for Planning Centre apps. under Planning Centre download the Services App.

If you are a musician and part of the music team you will also require to down load the Music Stand app. 

Once your contact details area  received we will add you to the Planning Service. you will be sent an email via planning services for you to follow the prompts to create your own Login password. once this is created you have access to Planning centre via your phone app and online via

For further assistance watch our Volunteer training video at the bottom of the page. For any further information please contact:

Volunteers Training Video's

Leaders & Editors- Training Video